church sound and lighting ideas

Welcome To God’s Music Heaven

church sound and lighting ideas


Welcome to God’s Music Heaven where we make it “All about Glorifying and Worshiping our Lord And Savior, Jesus Christ


Back before Christ found and saved me I was a DJ. I could not get enough of music. I was constantly downloading, editing, playing and mixing music. I would spend hours perfecting my talent. I started Djing at family events which that grew into getting booked by friends of the family. It kept me busy on the weekends and was making extra money but, there was something missing. I would miss out on family things that I should not be missing because I was putting more time into Djing than my family.

About that time my family started going to church but, with my work schedule including Sundays, I could not make it to church. I would always be to busy for God. God started speaking to me about using my talent to Glorify his name. It took some time but, I was able to change my perspective on life and how I wanted to live it. I started looking into Christian music after getting rid of all my old music, but what I noticed it was hard to find Christian music by itself. It was normally mixed in with worldly music which I didn’t like because I believed Gods music deserved its own platform.

Researching Christian music artist was another thing that was a problem for me because I didn’t want to search through non-Christian artist to find info and music from a Christian artist. I wanted a website that was dedicated strictly to God. Get the latest news and the latest music from all your favorite Christian music artist.

Another part of my site is sound and lighting systems for churches. After I accepted Jesus as my Lord And Savior, I became involved in the production and the sound mixing part of our ministry. I have always loved working with sound and lighting systems. That was always part of the fun for me when I was djing, connecting and setting everything up and breaking everything down after a gig.

We will offer our best insight and our best opinions about different products from mixers to lights for your ministry. We will take our experience and recommend the best products for all your needs. From small ministries that need a simple sound and lighting setups to large ministries that need a more complex sound and lighting systems. We want to be your #1 Stop for all your worship needs.


I know there are a lot of people that have that same feeling I have. I want a website that I can go and not have to worry about anything else but, to Glorify God. God’s Music Heaven is that platform that I have been waiting for. Get all your Christian music from all your favorite Christian artist or if you need help with your sound and lighting systems for your church we are here to help. We want to fulfill all your ministries needs by having one site that will give you honest answers and recommendations about equipment, which is a big part of all your worship ministry.


Our goal is to Glorify The Name Of Our Lord, Jesus Christ. Helping people seek God through his music.

Helping churches Glorify God through music.

Isaiah 55:6 – “Seek The Lord While He May Be Found; Call Upon Him While He Is Near”.

God Bless All,

church sound and lighting ideas

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